Puppy Panels for Iron or Aluminum Fence - 6ft or 8ft wide 18 inches tall

Regular price $289.00

Have a Beautiful Iron or Aluminum Fence? 

And for Puppy Panels you have ugly chicken wire or some hideous filler to keep them in?

 NO Longer!

Puppy bars retrofit
Our Puppy Panels keep the beauty of your expensive fence
AND keep the little ones in the yard!
Fence Supply is very proud to offer the perfect add-on to your fence.

Puppy Panels come with Free Shipping too!

The panels are either 6ft (2-3ft panels for 6ft wide, or 2-4ft panels for an 8ft section of fence). 
Simply measure the distance from post to post.
Even if you have a rackable fence going down a hill, 
You can still use this product!
60 linear feet of 6ft panels is $259
80 linear feet of 8ft panels is $289
Ready to install out of the box
The panels come with Both Screws / Brackets and UV coated Black Zip Ties.
Note - 6ft is usually an Aluminum fence, most Iron fences are 8ft wide. 
You can always confirm with a magnet. 

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