PB4x4WB Black
PB4x4WGS Galvanized
PB4x4WW White
PB4x4WRW Redwood
PB4x4VB Black
PB4x4VGS Galvanized
PB4x4VW White
PB4x4VBG Almond
PB4x4VSND Clay
PB4x4VRW Redwood
PB5x5WB Black
PB5x5WB Galvanized
PB5x5WW White
PB5x5WRW Redwood
PB6x6WB Black
PB6x6WGS Galvanized
PB6x6WW White
PB6x6WRW Redwood
PB6x6VB Black
PB6x6VGS Galvanized
PB6x6VW White
PB6x6VBG Almond
PB6x6VSND Clay
PB6x6VRW Redwood
PB8x8WGS Galvanized
Fence Armor

Full Post Protection Fence Armor

Regular price $16.95 Sale price $44.99

Complete Post coverage for your fence

Perfect for all wood or vinyl fences and even stand-alone posts such as mailboxes, signage, gazebos, wooden play structures and more. Full Protection, depending on size, is sold in packs of 4, 6, 8 and 10.   Protect one or both sides of the post, perfect for a neighbor friendly fence for one-sided guarding, or shielding.  

Screws included.

Full Protection’s standard height is 3˝ and is stackable to any height.

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