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PB4x4WDB Demi Black
PB4x4WDGS Demi Galvanized
PB4x4WDW Demi White
PB4x4WDRW Demi Redwood
PB4x4VDB Demi Black
PB4x4VDGS Demi Galvanized
PB4x4VDW Demi White
PB4x4VDBG Demi Almond
PB4x4VDSND Demi Clay
PB4x4VDRW Demi Redwood
PB5x5WDB Demi Black
PB5x5WDGS Demi Galvanized
PB5x5WDW Demi White
PB6x6WRW Demi Redwood
DEMI Post Protection for Vinyl Privacy - Fence Armor
PB5x5VDB Demi Galvanized
PB5x5VDW Demi White
PB5x5VDBG Demi Almond
PB5x5VDSND Demi Clay
PB5x5VDRW Demi Redwood
PB6x6WDB Demi Black
PB6x6WDGS Demi Galvanized
PB6x6WDW Demi White
PB6x6WDRW Demi Redwood
PB6x6VDW Demi Black
PB6x6VDGS Demi Galvanized
PB6x6VDW Demi White
PB6x6VDWBG Demi Almond
PB6x6VDWSND Demi Clay
PB6x6VDRW Demi Redwood
PB8x8WDWGS Demi Galvanized
Fence Armor

DEMI Post Protection for Vinyl Privacy - Fence Armor

Regular price $16.95 Sale price $45.95

Privacy Fence Post Protection

Ideal for low rail situations like Vinyl Privacy fences, Demi Protection’s shallow depth prevents interference with the bottom rail offering a snug fit on both wood and vinyl posts. Additionally, Demi guard's unique design protects posts in a variety of scenarios such as shared or single posts using multiple stains and finishes, or hard-to-fit corners that require more custom protection.

Screws included

Demi Protection’s standard height is 3˝ and is stackable to any height.

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