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My goal is to provide you with not only the best products for your home or ranch but to also provide you with the how-to knowledge that other websites cannot.

My father and I started Fish Fence Company in East Texas in 1992. Our vast agriculture experience in building barns and corrals soon expanded into equestrian centers. Compounding on the expansion of the farm side of the fence business, several landowners asked us to create personal fences for their pools and homes.

I left the company for four years for sales in the corporate world. Tired of not being able to make decisions in my customer’s best interest and with a strong desire to be my own boss again. I came back to Fish Fence. Andy and I built it into a thriving small company until he left due to health reasons in 2001. I increased sales and expanded across Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. In 2005 my wife introduced me to selling on eBay, and I was hooked. Soon, Fence Supply Online launched. We have been so thrilled to help so many people across the US, Canada, Honduras, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and even Germany.

Our goal is to provide you the best products at the best prices and give you access to our vast knowledge in ACTUALLY building the products we sell. We are far more than a slick website. I have personally installed everything we sell. I still do 1 or 2 major jobs a year to keep the skills sharp and test new methods and products.


About Us - American Fence Association Member


Fence Supply Online is pleased to announce that we are members of the American Fence Association.