Solar Light Caps Lighten Up Your Deck

Solar Light Caps Lighten Up Your Deck

What could be better on a summer evening than sitting outside until the sun goes down?

If you have spent a lot of money and time putting in a beautiful deck, then you will want to enjoy it.

Having the deck lit at night makes for much better use of the space and solar deck post caps do a great job of adding that extra light.

We have a large selection of deck solar lighting products to help make your choice that little bit easier.

There are a few points to consider when thinking about the benefits of solar deck lights:

  • No Wires, No Fuss
  • Style Is Everything
  • Retrofitting Is Easy
  • Added Security Is A Bonus

Let’s take a closer look to see what you can add to your deck this season.

No Wires, No Fuss

Did I mention that these solar deck lights get their power from the sun?

Yes, while you are topping-up your Vitamin D the solar deck lights are charging their cells, ready to shine all night once the sun goes down.

There are no ugly wires to run along the edge of the deck and up the posts to each light.

Neither is there any fussing around with connecting the lights to your home power fittings.

All you need to do is fit them to the posts and turn the switch.

The lights will be shining and you won’t have to look at any wires and connections.


Style Is Everything

We have such a range of deck solar cap lights in stock.

The only problem may be trying to make up your mind.

The stand-alone pieces like the Dark Bronze Manchester light can be a centerpiece of the deck lighting display, catching the eye of all when they walk in.

The White PVC Regal post light will look great on the corner posts of your deck and will match any scheme or design you have in mind.

If you are looking for something that extra bit special, then the Eclipse Solar Hanging Chandelier will definitely do the job

Without the need for electrical wiring, it can go anywhere on the deck.

Retrofitting Is Easy

There is always a solar deck post cap light to go with an existing deck, adding that ambiance of gentle light on a still summer’s night.

The fitting of the solar light caps to an existing deck is straightforward to do.

We have a full selection of post cap adapters to fit every size and the solar light will pop in snugly and securely.

As they are solar-powered, there isn’t any call to run wires over the deck and the posts, which may be a problem with older deck units.

Our Stainless Steel Path lights are easy to install on the deck perimeter, giving lots of strong light when you are throwing a party or looking for extra security.

Added Security

Speaking of security, deck solar post lights can add that much-needed peace of mind, while also adding to the style.

The lights come on automatically each night and stay lighting for up to twelve hours.

Having the lights can deter any would-be bad guys, as well as letting you see exactly what is going on outside.

The solar Motion Sensor Deck and Wall Light has powerful LEDs, which come on when movement is detected.

It stays on low-output lighting too, adding to your feeling of security when looking out into the dark.

As the deck lights are free of wires, they are easy to install and they can go almost anywhere you want them.

We Can Help

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  • Richard Fish